24/05/2017 15:26 BST

BBC Radio 5Live Evacuated At Media City In Salford, Greater Manchester

The station broadcasts from Salford in Greater Manchester.

This is the moment BBC Radio 5Live was evacuated live on air by before 2pm this afternoon.

Presenters were in the middle of speaking to a caller from their studio in Media City, Salford, when an alarm cut in. 

Host Nihal Arthanayake could be seen wide-eyed in panic as an alarm sounds and a recorded voice announces: “Attention, attention! Please evacuate the building by the nearest available exit. Do not use the lifts.”

Presenter Nihal Arthanayake looks alarmed as the evacuation is announced

His fellow host Sarah Brett then swooped into action, calmly telling a caller: “We’ve had an evacuation, I’m afraid, at this point in time.

“So thank you very much indeed for your call Chris, we’re going to have to leave right now.

“Our apologies to our listeners, we’ll be back as soon as possible.”

The station then switched to a pre-recorded programme.

Presenter Brett reappeared on the airwaves shortly after 2pm, telling listeners “there is no incident” before crossing to Arthanayake, who read the news.

The BBC later said the incident was a false alarm and scheduled broadcasting began again shortly afterwards.

The country is on high alert after the suicide bombing which killed 22 people at Manchester.

Armed soldiers began their patrols of UK streets and high-profile targets on Wednesday, after the terror alert was raised from severe to critical, meaning an attack could be imminent.

Military personnel were photographed surrounding Parliament, which will be closed to the public “until further notice”. Troops were also spotted outside Number 10 Downing Street.

Soldiers will work under the supervision of the police and will bolster armed officers across the capital, and in other major cities, towns and transport hubs as part of a wave of increased security measures put in force last night.

It comes after home secretary Amber Rudd suggested suspected Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was part of a network of terrorists. Abedi’s 23-year-old brother was arrested on Tuesday. Three more arrests took place today.