BBC Weather Presenter Louise Lear Loses It As She Gets The Giggles During Live Broadcast

The summer we're having is no laughing matter.

We’ve all been there… getting a fit of the giggles at the most inappropriate moment.

So spare a thought for BBC Weather presenter Louise Lear who did just that live on air on Wednesday (3 Aug).

We’re not entirely sure what had tickled Louise so much, but she simply couldn’t hold back her uncontrollable laughter as she launched into the forecast.

News reader Simon McCoy even gave her a second chance after his initial handover saw Louise struggling to contain herself.

But there was no going back and the further Louise got into warm fronts and isolated showers, she was reduced to a giggling mess.

Not that viewers seemed to mind…

In fact we challenge you to get through the above video without descending into giggles yourself.

Go on, we could all do with a laugh.

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