'Celebrity Big Brother': Stephen Bear's Outburst Forces Security To Enter House

He's the second housemate to be given a formal warning.

Security enter the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in Thursday’s (4 August) show, when Stephen Bear has a furious outburst.

Following another boozy party in the ‘CBB’ compund, Bear comes to blows with Heavy D in the bedroom, who accuses him of disturbing the rest of the house when they’re trying to sleep.

<strong> Heavy D</strong>
Heavy D
Channel 5

Heavy D - who earlier in the night sees Bear snog Chloe Khan during a game of truth or dare - then finds himself in a heated row with the ‘Ex On The Beach’ contestant, at which point he’s called to the Diary Room to calm down.

Meanwhile a furious Bear heads out into the garden, where he picks up a mug and hurls it at a mirror, smashing it in the process.

<strong>Bear in the garden</strong>
Bear in the garden
Channel 5

Bear is then called to the Diary Room himself, where he’s told that his “unacceptable behaviour” will not be tolerated, and that he will have to spend the night in a separate room away from the rest of the housemates.

When he refuses to calm down, security are forced to intervene, and he issued with a formal warning over his outburst.

This is the second time in as many days that a housemate has been issued with an official telling off from producers, with Aubrey O’Day called to the Diary Room and given a “formal and final” warning the night before.

She was reprimanded by ‘CBB’ bosses when she was caught on camera spitting in a sandwich and a cup of tea, before serving them to Bear.

‘CBB’ viewers have previously fumed that both Marnie Simpson and Christopher Biggins should have been punished for incidents earlier this week.

See Bear’s outburst in full in Thursday’s ‘CBB’, airing at 9pm on Channel 5.

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