01/03/2018 16:23 GMT | Updated 01/03/2018 16:24 GMT

Beat The 'Beast From The East' With These Transport Apps

Find out the latest travel information across the country.

With the ‘beast from the east’ hitting the UK from one side and Storm Emma arriving from the other the chances are that getting from A to B is going to be pretty difficult over the next few days.

This is where technology can really come into its own, helping you to beat the weather and get to work (reasonably) on time.

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Now before we list our favourite apps it’s important to note that above all else you should follow the Met Office’s official guidelines. If you’re lucky enough however to be in a part of the country where the weather hasn’t completely shut the local transport down, then these apps could prove invaluable.


Best travel apps for beating the weather

  • Bus Checker
    Bus Checker
    Bus Checker
    Bus Checker is quite simply the best app for bus services across the UK. It includes some 300,000 live and scheduled bus times and can help you get across the entire country. It's not state-of-the-art and it doesn't need to be, if you're stuck and it looks like the bus is your only option then this is the app to download.
    Available on: iOS I Android
  • Google Maps
    Google Maps
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    While we certainly wouldn't recommend driving if you can absolutely help it, Google Maps remains a great all-rounder in terms of getting from A to B. It'll show you the fastest driving route, updates with live traffic information and can even feed in public transport directions or ride-hailing apps like Uber. It won't specialise in a specific area, but it's a good app to have with you anyway.
    Available on:iOS I Android
  • National Rail
    National Rail
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    National Rail desperately needs a UI update as in its current form it's not exactly the easiest app to use. That being said, it is one of the few places where you'll find live rail and station information across the country, pulling in messages from all of the major train operators. If the trains are the backbone of your commute, download this app now and find out how the weather is affecting your local station.
    Available on:iOS I Android
  • Citymapper
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    If you live in either London, Birmingham or Manchester than Citymapper is about to become your new best friend. This remarkable app is the last word in stress free navigation around a city using public transport. Simply enter your destination and it'll combine every means of public transport available to come up with the fastest, easiest and cheapest options. It has maps for every major transport network and if you're travelling abroad check out some of the other cities it supports around the globe.
    Available on:iOS I Android
  • Waze
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    If you absolutely have to drive the Waze is probably the best app for helping you get safely to your destination. Using a powerful combination of official traffic reports and user reported incidents Waze can give you some of the most up-to-date information about your route including fast accident reporting and live updates on the weather conditions. It also has a handy Spotify plugin that'll let you control your music from directly within the app.
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