20/04/2016 10:26 BST | Updated 20/04/2016 10:27 BST

Beautiful Sunrise At Whitley Bay Will Give You The Feels

Can you believe this is in the UK.

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
A lobster fisherman checks his pots as the sun rises over his small fishing boat in the North Sea near Whitley Bay in Northumberland.

On a quiet news day in the north east of England, Press Association photographer Owen Humphreys will spend his mornings around Whitley Bay snapping seals, waves, statues and chasing weather stories.


Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
The sun rises over a small fishing boat.

Humphreys to HuffPost UK: "I've been trying to get this shot for sometime as it's difficult to get a boat in the right place and also the sun perfect today.

"I sprinted down the beach to aline the image shot on a canon 400m and 2 x converter making an 800mm, as well as my normal news it's a passion weather as it's always changing and especially chasing UK aurora."

But this morning, Owen captured the most spectacular sunrise that could be anywhere in the world.

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
The sun rises between the clouds over the near Tynemouth beach, North Tyneside.
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