Incredible Bed-Desk Hybrid Takes Work Naps To A Whole New Level

It's a break room under your desk. 😴

There's a scientifically strong case for napping at work: Not only do midday naps increase alertness, lower stress and elevate your mood, but experts estimate the U.S. loses $63 billion in productivity every year because we don't get enough sleep.

Good thing this desk makes it almost too easy to do so.

The ultimate bed-desk hybrid below is the product of Greek design firm Studio NL. With side panels that fold out to reveal a mattress and headboard, it looks both sleek and sleep-inducing.

Studio NL
Studio NL

The bed-desk -- also known by its design name, "1, 6 S.m. of Life" -- was an award-winner in the recent A' Design Competition for furniture and homeware. Designer Athanasia Leivaditou told HuffPost the design was intended as a commentary on our rigorous work lives.

"The desk concept came from my time working incredible hours at university," Leivaditou said. "It's meant to show how much of our lives we spend on work."

While the bed is indeed nifty, Leivaditou doesn't plan to market it worldwide anytime soon. But if you're seriously looking to incorporate a bed-desk into your daily grind, then consider the StudyBed. This nifty piece of furniture flips upside-down to become a napping station while keeping your desktop contents intact.

There's also this fancy contraption from Berlin design group Bless, or you can hack your own desk-bed with a few shock absorbers and LOTS of elbow grease.

Then there are the more, ahem, economical options...

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