New York Fashion Week 2016: Bella Hadid Falls On Michael Kors Runway, Handles It Like A Boss

Go Bella 🙌

Bella Hadid is absolutely nailing it at New York Fashion Week, even when she took a tumble on the catwalk.

While walking for Micheal Kors on Wednesday 14 September, the supermodel slipped in her giant platform heels - but didn’t let that stop her working the runway.

Hadid recovered with a smile (kudos to her for having the modesty to laugh at herself) and kept on going.

At first Hadid was working those six inch heels.
Matt BaronREXShutterstock
But things took a, literal, turn for the worst.
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Sharp corners + sky high heels = trouble.
Uh oh...
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Matt BaronREXShutterstock
It's happened. It's done.
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*points iPhone and takes photo*
Now that's how you handle a fall.
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Dust yourself off and try again. 💁

Bella Hadid