10/10/2017 16:38 BST

Bella Hadid's 'Home Boy Can Get It' Sneaker Bants Has Become The Fashion Meme Of 2017

Giggles for DAYS.

When Bella Hadid discussed the fundamental importance of an attractive pair of trainers in an interview with Complex, little did she know she was setting herself up to be the fashion meme of 2017. 

Stood in front of a row of trainers, Hadid picked the stand-outs and shared what would happen if ‘homeboy’ chose a basic pair, versus what could go down if he chose a “dope” pair.

The Victoria’s Secret model told the interviewer: “Sneakers on a man is definitely the first thing I look at. So if you’re gonna have a dope shoe that both guys and girls can wear - I mean, c’mon, matching shoes? That’s dope.” 

When asked about her sneaker turn-offs, Hadid responded with the line that kicked it all off for Twitter.

She said: “If homeboy is coming through with these, [points at arguably basic trainers] it’s quiet for him. But if he comes through in, like, these... homeboy’s gonna, like, [*voice trails off awkwardly*] get it.” 

Naturally, this display of enthusiasm over Nikes (but evidently not so much at having to say ‘homeboy’s gonna get it’) got some pretty hilarious reactions on Twitter. 

Some people were confused by the use of words Hadid chose and many thought her speech and demeanour felt forced. 

Others explained Hadid’s banter was a result of exclusively dating rappers (eye-roll), but a few were left speechless, thus expressing their *feels* with GIFs like the one of this brilliant #Hyungwon. 

But the reactions by far the most amusing were the memes featuring a spin off of Hadid’s “Homeboy’s gonna, like, get it.”