Bathroom Products That Make Cleaning Easy, Even If You're Lazy

A no-scrub shower cleaner, battery-powered tile scrubber and monthly toilet tablets that keep your septic system clear.
Keep your shower walls clean with this viral "wet it and forget it" shower cleaner, deep clean bathroom floors with this 2-in-1 steam mop, clean your toilet bowl with every flush thanks to a gel cleaning stamp and easily scrub surfaces with this eraser sponge.
Keep your shower walls clean with this viral "wet it and forget it" shower cleaner, deep clean bathroom floors with this 2-in-1 steam mop, clean your toilet bowl with every flush thanks to a gel cleaning stamp and easily scrub surfaces with this eraser sponge.

Keeping a bathroom clean is a feat. The constant humidity and frequent use can create a breeding ground for things like soap scum buildup and pesky lime scale toilet rings, and floors can quickly become caked in dust and hair. It’s an even bigger feat if factors like mobility limitations, lack of time, depression or even just a plain hatred for scrubbing are also at play.

To stay on top of this grueling household task, we found a helpful list of scrubbing tools, easy-clean products and maintenance items that can do most of the work for you, effectively making bathroom cleaning more manageable no matter what you may be dealing with in life.

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A battery-powered tile scrubber
This automatic rotating brush is powered by a 3.6-volt rechargeable battery and it can do all of the scrubbing for you. The durable aluminum handle extends to 21 inches to help you scrub tall shower walls or other difficult-to-reach spaces. It also comes with two different brush attachments in varying degrees of bristle stiffness to target tough grout stains and tile scum.

You can also get power bristle or scrubbing pad attachments for this scrubber on Amazon.
A “wet it and forget it” shower spray
With over 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this "wet it and forget it" shower cleaner is a well-loved weekly shower spray that can keep walls and glass doors scum-, mildew- and stain-free without any scrubbing. It's formulated without bleach or ammonia, so there are no harsh fumes or chemicals, and the high efficacy sprayer helps cover a larger surface area faster.
A gel stamp that cleans your toilet with just a flush
Place this discreet gel on the inner rim of your toilet bowl to gradually release cleaning action with each flush. Each "stamp" of the dissolving gel lasts up to 12 days and works to prevent limescale build up and rings while also releasing a fresh scent -- no scrubbing required.
A 2-in-1 steam mop to deep clean bathroom floors easily
Using the power of steam, this lightweight mop can naturally sanitize hard wood and tile floors and lift dirt easier than a traditional mop. The angled design of the mop head helps you get into corners and along edges and the detachable arm means you can steam virtually any surface of your bathroom, including shower walls and countertops. This mop also uses machine washable microfiber pads so you can save money on disposable pad replacements.
An eco-safe drain cleaner that will get rid of hair, odor and more
If you just can't bear the thought of snaking a clogged pipe, these pre-measured drain solution packs can be a minimal-effort way of clearing pipes while also avoiding putting harmful chemicals in waterways and septic systems, unlike other drain-clearing products. Just pour the biodegradable and non-toxic powder into toilets or drains to help dissolve everything from residue, hair, calcium buildup and grease.
A maintenance concentrate that keeps surfaces cleaner for longer
To preserve cleaner surfaces for longer, this no-scrub concentrate can help seal porcelain, tile and glass, making bathroom upkeep much more manageable. Reviewers said this wash helps repel dirt, stains and soap scum, which significantly cuts down on cleaning time.
A daily no-scrub shower cleaner
Keep soap scum, mold and residue buildup from getting so overwhelming you avoid dealing with it altogether. This daily spray can be a low effort way to keep shower walls and surfaces clean without needing to scrub or rinse. One reviewer said they even use it on shower liners to avoid that impossible-to-clean white crusty buildup and hard water residue.
An extendable scrubber to clean hard-to-reach areas
If you have ever attempted to clean behind the toilet or under bathroom vanities, it can be difficult, especially if you have limited mobility or no desire to get on your hands and knees. This extendable surface scrubber has an abrasive antimicrobial head for an effective clean. The replaceable, angled head also pivots to easily reach different angles and the nonslip pole can extend up to 42 inches.

Get replacement scrubber heads also on Amazon for $6.99 for a pack of two.
A best-selling grout cleaner that easily gets rid of stains
Tile grout is notoriously hard to clean, especially when it comes to mold buildup. This professional strength cleaner has well over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for its ability to lift stains from grout and tile, easily restoring surfaces to their original color. Just apply, then allowing it to soak into the grout for about 10 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing.
A powerful monthly cleaning tablet that keeps septic systems clear
To stop troublesome septic problems before they even begin, these monthly easy-to-use cleaning tablets can be a good preventative measure. Made from eco-friendly digestive enzymes and bacteria, this formula can dissolve clog-producing material and keep septic odors at bay. Just drop a tablet into your toilet and flush.
A mess-minimizing “beard apron” to catch hair clippings
There's not much worse than trying to clean up tiny pesky beard trimmings from bathroom counters and floors. This beard trimming apron enables you to avoid this process altogether by providing a wide surface area to catch hair. The free ends simply attach to the mirror with suction cups and once you are finished, you can easily dispose of any clippings without causing a mess.
An instant mildew and mold removing spray
For a fast-acting solution to stubborn mold and mildew buildup and residual odors, this spray requires no scrubbing and can be used on anything from tile and grout to shower liners. Regular use of this spray can also help prevent mold buildup in the future. Reviewers say it works better than other products they have tried, but to be sure to use in a well-ventilated area.
A powerful lime and rust dissolver for showers, toilets and more
Hard water can create rust and lime scale buildup on areas like shower walls, faucets and toilets. This well-loved, fast-acting solution uses a lightly acidic formula to dissolve and break stubborn and thick buildup, yet is compliant with the EPA's Safer Choice Program, making it a safer alternative to bleach or ammonia solutions.
A dual-sided erasing sponge to tackle all messes
This erasing sponge can be used to eliminate a wide variety of stains, scuffs and more from multiple surfaces. Activated by water, this dual sponge has an eraser side infused with scrubbing gems and an abrasive side for harder jobs. Clean sinks, fixtures, tiles, walls and more without needing any products.
A top-rated drain protector and hair catcher
Effortlessly catch hair without blocking water flow with this silicone and stainless steel drain protector that has over 23,400 five-star ratings on Amazon. The tall dome shape accommodates both flat and pop-up drains and the flexible design makes it easy to dump hair after each use.