20 Halloween Looks We’ve Been Obsessed With On Instagram And TikTok

Warning: fake blood and gore beyond this point!
Larysa Vdovychenko via Getty Images

If you’re anything like me, Halloween starts immediately once the clock strikes twelve on September 1st (I don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise). Since that date, I’ve been obsessing over scary movies, decorating my living room with pumpkins, and rewatching The Nightmare Before Christmas for what I believe to be the 17th time.

On top of being overly excited for the “spooky season”, and being a makeup artist myself – my absolute favourite part of the holiday is looking at everyone’s incredibly impressive makeup looks and outfit choices each year, and 2023 is no different.

If you’re stuck on what to be for Halloween, or maybe you just need some makeup inspo to look at, jaw open, thinking “How did they do that?” I’ve got a bunch of looks for you to get inspired by:

1) @bigfatjenna absolutely nails her Billy the Puppet recreation

2) @amberpitkin shows SFX makeup can be achieved with cling film, all-purpose flour, and liquid latex


Turning in to Hyde from Wednesday! This might be the weirdest makeup i have ever done 🤣 #wednesday #makeuptransformation #makeupartist #wednesdaymakeup #monstermakeup

♬ original sound - 𖤐

3) Anyone interested in going as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween might want to check out this look from @dolli.glam, who in my opinion 5, 6, 7, ATE

4) @hollymurraymakeup’s The Last of Us makeup is enough to make those with Mycophobia close their TikTok app almost immediately.


The Last of Us Clicker inspired makeup! 😱 how would you survive a Clicker?!

♬ You already fuqn know - rupert_the_depressed

5) @cheriserenee serves an alien/mermaid fantasy that’s left me gagged, TBH

6) Can we take a moment to appreciate @way_of_yaw’s artistry? The colour-blending is UNREAL

7) If you’re looking for an easy, recreatable look, @dom.skii has three spooky looks for you to try out

8) @ashleyartistryy_ has this nightmare-inducing ‘Other Mother’ inspired by Coraline look down to a tee

9) @sydneypurl shows you how to do an easy “Pennywise”-inspired makeup look – ideal if you want to participate in the halloween fun, but still want to look glam

10) @bereebeauty_ takes it to the next level with this bejewelled pumpkin makeup look. I can only imagine how long this took to take off

11) Clown-inspired makeup that still looks glam? @craighamiltonartistry has you covered – all you need is some face paint and some extra large lashes

12) @afroglory_ takes being a devil seriously using a forehead prosthetic, ultra-crisp lines, and strategically-placed gems – I’m obsessed

13) If anyone was going to “yassify” Vecna from Stranger Things, it was going to be the insanely talented @bryan.mua who used gelatin to create this look

14) @illumin_arty’s Valak recreation is perfect inspo for anyone interested in being ‘The Nun’ this year


See you in your nightmares 👀 Video ib @Madeyewlook #fyp #halloween #makeuptransformation

♬ #TikTokScaryNight - Marlee Cain

15) Anyone that’s replayed “Paint The Town Red” repeatedly this summer might just love this recreation from @tra.dang.904


Doja actually slayed w this @Doja Cat | SFX MAKEUP | ⚠️ FAKE BL00D ⚠️ #makeuptransition #dojacat #dojacatchallenge #paintthetownred #Tradang

♬ Paint The Town Red - Doja Cat

16) One of my favourite makeup looks of all time belongs to @naezrahlooks, who turns herself into Angelique from Hellraiser

17) Skull makeup has never looked more iconic. @jmdelore creates an American Horror Story-inspired makeup look in the best way possible

18) Going as the Corpse Bride this Halloween? @mcroft07 replicates the character using all affordable makeup – perfect if you’re on a budget

19) Bodypainter @rainbowskinz takes being “the Joker” to a whole new level – lowkey makes me excited for the 2024 musical sequel

20) @__empty_alien is sure to send shivers down your spine thanks to this Insidious-inspired recreation of the infamous “Lipstick-Face Demon

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