19/08/2016 09:55 BST

Men's Moisturisers With SPF: From 30+ Protection, To The Best One For Oily Skin

Because we're actually having a summer now, guys.

Praise the lords of skincare, moisturisers for men are finally commonplace. But while the market may be overloaded with man-friendly options (men and women have different skin needs, y’know) there’s still a serious lack of everyday products with SPF.

To save you the searching hassle, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite hydrating lotions with added sun protection.

Each caters to different skin needs and types, so you’re sure to find one to sort you out this summer. While it lasts, that is.

  • Best For... City Slickers
    Best For... City Slickers
    Kiehl's Facial Fuel SPF 15, £33 from

    Good for resisting stress caused by pollution and the environment (pro tip: keep it in the fridge for extra zing in the mornings).
  • Best For... Dry Skin
    Best For... Dry Skin
    Clinique For Men Moisturizer SPF 21, £26 from

    Great for every skin type but especially those prone to sensitivity as all Clinique's products are allergy-tested and fragrance-free.
  • Best For... Post-Shave Skin
    Best For... Post-Shave Skin
    Bull Dog
    Bulldog Protective Moisturiser, £8.99 from

    Wallet-friendly and helps heal razor burn and soothe irritation, formulated with anti-inflammatory aloe vera and cooling green tea.
  • Best For... The Pale AF
    Best For... The Pale AF
    Lab Series
    Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF 35, £38 from

    Want a tan in no time? Fake it 'till you make it with this sheer tinted cream, boasting both a subtle hint of colour and high SPF.
  • Best For... Combination Skin
    Best For... Combination Skin
    Jack Black
    Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser SPF20, £29 from

    Lightweight enough to avoid breakouts, yet still packs serious a punch when it comes to hydration.
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