The Best Online Shops For Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Where to buy furniture so your house looks like the set of Mad Men.
Vintage furniture
Vintage furniture

So, you’ve watched Mad Men and now you want your home to look precisely like the set.

You’re not the only one – mid-century furniture is crazy popular right now. The geometric, structural style was popularised in post-war, but it’s as chic as ever today.

If you’re in the market for a drinks trolley made of oak, a lush teal velvet sofa, or something orange and brown, then we’ve got you sorted.

Whether you want one-of-a-kind vintage pieces or modern takes on the classic style, step this way for the best places to buy mid-century style.

<a href="">Velvet three-seater sofa from Tivoli, Swoon,</a>&nbsp;&pound;1,299
Velvet three-seater sofa from Tivoli, Swoon, £1,299

If you’d like to shop from the comfort of your home – or perhaps your velvet three-seater sofa from Tivoli (£1,299) - then Swoon is a reliable, generous source of mid-century furniture. With no warehouses to visit, this is more for your armchair browser. It has flexible delivery options and promises to unveil new designs every day.

<a href="">Orange dining chair, Wayfair,&nbsp;</a>&pound;109.99
Orange dining chair, Wayfair, £109.99

You mightn’t think Wayfair would specialise in picture-perfect mid-century furniture, but it actually has an extensive range of gorgeous pieces, like this orange dining chair (£109.99). Just search for “mid-century” and get your Pinterest board ready.

<a href="">Bauhaus era chair, Heal's,</a>&nbsp;&pound;4,722
Bauhaus era chair, Heal's, £4,722

Heal’s opened its doors in Rathbone Place, London, all the way back in 1810, so it’s been selling furniture a long time. It has a particularly lush range of mid-century inspired pieces, including this pricey but perfect Bauhaus-era chair (£4,722).


Is there anything that nods to mid-century more than a wooden sideboard? This three-doored walnut number does not disappoint. There are tons of mid-century modern items to browse both in-store and online at Habitat, from gorgeous chairs and stylish prints to bigger ticket items, such as full dining sets and sofas.

HuffPost UK
HuffPost UK

For gorgeous mid-century furniture that won’t break the bank, head to Made. This grey velvet bed is divine (was £479, now £399). The retail site works directly with independent designers in order to keep costs down. It also only makes items after they’ve been bought – meaning it doesn’t have lots of stock sitting around in warehouses, the website claims this is a more sustainable (and cost-efficient) way to make furniture. But, it can also mean there is a bit of a wait for your item to be delivered.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">West Elm Asymmetrical Wall Mirror in Acorn, John Lewis,</a>&pound;349.00 &nbsp;
West Elm Asymmetrical Wall Mirror in Acorn, John Lewis,£349.00  

This Brooklyn-based brand might be towards the pricier end of the spectrum, but boy is it delightful. There are only three West Elm stores in the UK – all in and around London, which isn’t ideal for everyone. Alternatively some of the range is stocked in John Lewis. We particularly love this asymmetrical wall mirror (£349).


EBTD has its showroom in Walthamstow, East London. It is also home to the much-Instagrammed dog, Billy (hence the name). The shop is bursting with reclaimed, vintage and original pieces from circa 1950. We fancy sitting back in this millennial pink Bruno Mathsson swivel chair (was £710, now £568) which would make a statement in any living room.

<a href="">Mid-century Danish style teak desk, Vinterior,</a>&nbsp;&pound;465
Mid-century Danish style teak desk, Vinterior, £465

Vinterior is an online marketplace designed to make it easier to find and buy special, statement pieces. It all started when a woman called Sandrine got exasperated, spending too long searching for the perfect Scandi yellow chair in London. Now, the site sells furniture from more than 1600 dealers. You could browse all the loveliness from your seat at this mid-century Danish style teak desk (£465) if you wanted.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Pink bar school, Cult Furniture,</a> &pound;139
Pink bar school, Cult Furniture, £139

Cult Furniture’s warehouse in Essex is 140,000 square feet and you’re welcome to visit in person, if you like. That’s where you’ll find all their clearance items. If you can’t make it out there, just order your mid-century inspired piece, like this extremely lovely pink bar stool (£139), online. One negroni on the rocks, please!

<a href="">Jozef Chierowski, Rose and Grey</a>, &pound;475
Jozef Chierowski, Rose and Grey, £475

Rose and Grey started in 2008 as an online boutique, back before buying furniture online became such a thing. They do have a bricks and mortar showroom in Manchester, if you fancy visiting, but most of their business is done online. They do an especially good line of mid-century chairs, like this Jozef Chierowski one in sky blue, £475.

<a href="">Retro Kitchen Cabinet, Elephant and Monkey,</a> (&pound;155)
Retro Kitchen Cabinet, Elephant and Monkey, (£155)

Elephant and Monkey specialises in quirky vintage pieces from around the middle of the 20th century. It’s run by a mother-daughter business team, who originally had a shop in Cornwall, but now only operate online. Expect an irresistible range of homeware goodies, many of them extremely bright, including this retro kitchen cabinet straight from the 1950s (£155).

<a href="">Olive green Danish chairs by Arne Vodder, Chase and Sorensen,</a>&nbsp;&pound;645
Olive green Danish chairs by Arne Vodder, Chase and Sorensen, £645

The Chase and Sorensen shop is located on Dalston Lane in East London, if you’re the type who likes to sit in a chair before you bring it home. They do a very nice range of mid-century Scandinavian furniture, including these matching olive green Danish chairs by Arne Vodder (£645).

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