8 Of The Best Women's Raincoats To Buy For Wet Weather

Prepare yourself for festival season.

I recently bought myself a proper raincoat – the kind that actually keeps you dry. It’s the first time since childhood I’ve owned one. And I’d highly recommend it.

Sure I’ve had other raincoats, the sort you pick up at a festival for a tenner when you realise you forgot to buy one beforehand... again. These invariably leave me with a damp jumper and wet dog hair. Not ideal.

So, whether you’re heading to a UK festival this year or just want to feel properly prepared to inhabit a place where the weather changes every two seconds, here are eight stylish raincoats you can wear all year round.

Sune Rain Coat, Weekday, £55

Channel your inner fisherman – yes, we all have one inside of us. This is unisex and has a long, wide fit. Perfect for making sure you stay dry as a (fish) bone.

Curve Blocked Raincoat In Pink, Asos, £45

What’s better than a raincoat in pink? A raincoat in two shades of pink. We love this is fully-lined with a drawstring hood, meaning you can count on it to keep you high and dry. Plus the colour will cheer you up even when the skies are grey.

Rain Parka, Arket, £45

As if our wardrobe wasn’t filled with enough polka dot already (it’s all the rage this season), we’re now going dotty for this stone parka.


Leopard Print Mac, Topshop, £69

Earn some serious style points with this animal print option. Machine washable (wipe-clean if you’re particularly lazy) and in a midi-length, this will brighten up any rainy day.

Pull & Bear

Drawstring Hood Raincoat, Pull & Bear, £29.99

Look minty fresh while staying dry in this colourful number. Subtle? Us? No chance. The button fastening allows for a speedy change if you get caught in a rain shower and the front pockets are large enough to fit even the biggest smartphone.


Rubber Jacket, Next, £52

Go old school with a classic parka-style rubberised raincoat. Great for downpours and windy weather, you’ll stay warm and dry in this longline coat. And if the rain is really dire, wear with a pair of colourful wellies.

Khaki Green Rubber Spot Raincoat, Tu by Sainsbury’s, £32

More spots – only this time in green to match your khaki wellies. Pick this up in Sainos while stocking up with festival essentials.

Curve Jacket, Rains, £95

This jacket is our favourite cut of the lot: slightly a-shaped with a tie waist, making it uber-flattering. If lavender isn’t your colour, it’s also available in black, blue, green, desert, stone and metallic ice grey.

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