People Are Realising The Best Way To Reheat Pizza, And It's Not In The Oven

The method promises a “gooey top and crispy bottom.”
Spicy Pizza ready to eat on wooden background stock photo at June 08, 2021 England
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Spicy Pizza ready to eat on wooden background stock photo at June 08, 2021 England

If you’re anything like as depraved as I am, you’ll love a cold, slightly congealed slice of fridge pizza.

But if, by dint of a better nature and more sophisticated palate, you want to return your cold ’za to its former warm glory, your options can feel limited.

Microwaving makes the crust soggy. Warming up the oven takes its sweet time and can, in my experience, dry the slice out.

So it’s a good thing TikToker and cooking enthusiast @dommelier posted an easier, faster hack that commenters swear by ― using a hob.

So, how should we be heating up our pizza, then?

You’ll need a pan with a lid, the creator advises.

Firstly, heat the pan up for a “gooey top and crispy bottom.”

Then, place your slice into a hot pan ― don’t crowd or stack them as this will make them soggy. “No oil necessary,” the TikToker explained.

“Have the bottom cook for maybe, 30 seconds to a minute” – before adding a couple of splashes of water to the side of the pan ― not directly touching the slice, of course.

Then, place the lid on top and allow it to steam for “maybe three or four minutes ― until the top’s nice and gooey.”

Cookware company Staub also recommends this method, as does Chris Ancona, former head pizzaiolo for Roberta’s. Today even tested a few methods of reheating cold pizza and found that this option came out on top.

Commenters had thoughts

While many said that there’s nothing wrong with a cold slice of pizza, others agreed that this was a pretty great way of tackling the reheating issue if you’re after a hot slice.

“That’s exactly what I do, it works amazing,” one commenter said; another wrote, “best idea ever.”

Meanwhile, still more commenters shared their own hacks, like using an air fryer or a countertop grilling machine.

I guess I’ll have to go through a couple of pizzas to try all their reccs (for journalism, obviously)...


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