The Best Wedding Photos Of 2016 Are Utterly Breathtaking

No, you're crying 😭

While 2016 was filled with an abundance of dark moments and incredible losses, it was also filled with a lot of love.

Every year, Junebug Weddings select 50 pictures for its ‘Best of the Best’ photography collection. And 2016’s selection does not disappoint.

From jaw-dropping backdrops to intimate moments between loved ones, here are a selection of the images.

Andy Gaines Photography
Caroline Briggs | The Twins Weddings
Lauren Louise | Lauren Louise Photography
Orsolya Lazar
Tara Theilen | Theilen Photography
Ashley and Benjamin Kochanowski | Rosey Red Photography
Christopher Foltz | Christopher|F Photography
Nate Kaiser
Dan O'Day | Dan O'Day Photography
Dan O'Day | Dan O'Day Photography
Danelle Bohane
Danelle Bohane
Kelly Tunney
David West | David West Photography
Eka Adhitya | Eka Adhitya Photography
Gabe McClintock | Gabe McClintock Photography
Gustavo Franco | Gustavo Franco Fotografia
Hendra Lesmana | Cheese N Click Photography
Hugh Whitaker
India Earl
Jakob Granqvist | Nordica Photography
Victor Lax | Víctor Lax Photography
Katarina Sharon Macut Vasic of Danilo
James Broadbent | Chasewild
Jennifer Moher | Jennifer Moher Photography
John Barwood | John Barwood Photography
Jordan Voth | Jordan Voth Photography
Lanny Mann | Two Mann Studios
Lauren Louise | Lauren Louise Photography
Marissa Kaplan | Marissa Joy Photography
Paulo Santos | Paulo Santos Wedding Photographer
Curtis Moore | Moore Photography
Roberto Panciatici | Roberto Panciatici Photography
Roy Nuesca | Roy Nuesca Photography
Sara Byrne | Sara K Byrne Photography
Tricia Victoria | Tricia Victoria Photography

27 Love-Filled Photos