16/08/2016 13:07 BST | Updated 29/08/2017 17:34 BST

'X Factor’ 2017: Best Auditions Ever, From Cher Lloyd And Leona Lewis To Gamu And James Arthur

How can the new crop of hopefuls top this lot?

During its time on the air, ‘The X Factor’ has become infamous for its - how can we put this? - less-than-stellar auditionees, with the singers who deliver the more tuneful performances usually not being the ones that stick in our heads.

Yes, Wagner, we’re looking at you.

Having said that - as we’ll undoubtedly get to hear Simon Cowell moaning on about as the current 14th series rolls on - ‘The X Factor’ is first and foremost a singing competition.

So while we won’t hesitate for a second in admitting that we can’t wait to see the oddballs turning up to the auditions in future episodes later in the series, we’re also rather looking forward to hearing the more tuneful hopefuls wowing the nation with their vocal ranges.

We’ve rounded up some of the auditions that have stayed in our memories for the right reasons, rather than because we’ve been forced to temporarily turn the volume on our TVs down, and here are just 20 of our favourites...

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Watch the trailer for this year’s ‘X Factor’ below:

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