'Big Brother' 2016: Andrew Tate's Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out About 'Violent' Sex Tape

She reckons it was a 'pure game'.

The ex-girlfriend of axed 'Big Brother' contestant Andrew Tate has spoken out in his defence, after the emergence of a 'violent' sex tape.

The kickboxing champion was ejected from the Channel 5 reality show earlier this week, after it came to light that he once made a concerning video with then-partner, which showed him hitting her with a belt.

<strong>Andrew Tate was ejected from 'Big Brother'</strong>
Andrew Tate was ejected from 'Big Brother'
Channel 5

The unnamed woman has now insisted the sex tape was a "pure game" in a video posted on Andrew's Facebook account.

"He is still a great friend and what you saw on the video is just something we used to do. It was pure game," she said.

"He is a great guy and would never hurt anyone - unless he is [professionally] fighting."

She continued: "I just wanted to let you know that this has all been a huge misunderstanding. I heard he got kicked out of the house because of it, which I find really unfair because it really was just pure game. That's what we used to do."

The video in question was posted on The Sun’s website, with Andrew claiming the video has been “edited” to make him “look bad", branding the whole thing a “conspiracy”.

He wrote on Twitter: “The Sun released a video of me playing with my ex. She put a pic of us up together showing we’re still friends she’s even holding a belt.

“It’s a felt belt so makes noise but doesn’t hurt.”

Andrew went on to accuse the newspaper of “cutting out the sound” so his ex-girlfriend’s laughs were inaudible in the video.

He continued: “The cut of the end of the video where she gets the belt and hits me back and we’re both laughing [sic].”

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