08/06/2016 11:28 BST

'Big Brother' 2016: Ryan Ruckledge At Centre Of Series' First 'Fix' Claims

Did he already know about the 'Others' twist?

'Big Brother' has been back on screen for all of five minutes, but its already been caught up a new fix scandal. 

Fans of the Channel 5 reality show have noticed that contestant Ryan Ruckledge seemingly had prior knowledge of the 'Others' twist, which was revealed in Tuesday's (7 June) launch show.

Channel 5
Ryan Ruckledge entered the 'Big Brother' house on Tuesday

It's also been pointed out that he was tweeting while he was meant to be in hiding, and also had 'Big Brother 2016 Other' in his bio, prior to entering the house.

Viewers had been told that 'The Others' had no idea that they were not 'official' housemates and would be living in a second house.

They were also supposed to have entered into hiding on the 30 May, prior to news about the two-houses twist being released to the press. 

However, two days before the launch, Ryan - who was previously thrown off 'The X Factor' in 2015 - was tweeting about going out partying, with messages on his account reading: "So hungover and the only thing to make me better is to go out agen. Pass me a Stella asapppp [sic]."

He also did not seem to be too surprised to learn he was one of 'The Others' on Tuesday night's show, and was heard telling his fellow contestants: "I know I wasn't a real housemate, I already knew it.

"When I was in the car with my headphones on I asked the staff if I was a proper housemate and she answered: 'no you are, you are.'"

A Channel 5 spokesperson has since insisted that Ryan went into hiding and had no knowledge of the twist.

"Ryan had his phone confiscated on May 30," they said. "Today he has been continuously monitored by a chaperone and we can confirm that any Tweets from his account were not sent by him."

'Big Brother' airs nightly on Channel 5. 

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