09/02/2017 11:50 GMT

'Big Brother' 2017: Plastic Surgery-Lover Rodrigo Alves Tipped For New Series

You might recognise him from multiple media appearances.

Remember last year when Channel 5 bosses decide to cast a bunch of Z-list celebrities in the regular series of ‘Big Brother’, rather than the usual mix of hairdressers and PR people?

Well, despite the criticism from ‘BB’ fans, it seems they’re keen to do this once again, by recruiting some familiar (alright, barely familiar, but familiar all the same) faces for the upcoming run.

According to The Sun, the first contestant on bosses’ list is Rodrigo Alves, who has made multiple TV appearances thanks to his penchant for cosmetic surgery.

Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock
Rodrigo at the launch of Payrollsupermarket.com at the end of last year

An insider says: Rodrigo is dying to be big on national television and hopes that the deal comes through.

“He knows what an incredible opportunity the show can be and can’t wait to be part of it.”

On his Instagram page, Rodrigo recently revealed that his most recent venture under the knife, his 50th, should qualify him for the Guinness World Records book, adding that his overall list of cosmetic procedures is now in triple-figures.

However, he pointed out that appearing in “the big book” might not set the best of examples to his fans and followers.

He concluded: “Plastic surgery has changed my life. I am happy and confident today and my soul matches my body although I don’t encourage anyone to do what I did since once you start it is like dyeing your hair.

“Also it is very expensive and unfortunately not everyone can afford it.”

This year, the contestants will be entering the house in pairs, so we’re excited to see who Rodrigo buddies up with, should he wind up joining the line-up, which is also thought to include Dean Salmon, brother to ‘Love Island’ star Katie Salmon.

‘Big Brother’ will launch for its 18th series later this year.

Last year saw stuntman Jason Burrill crowned winner, having shared the house with Marco Pierre White Jr, former broadcaster Andy West and model Laura Carter, who had already made headlines thanks to an alleged fling with Justin Bieber.

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