'Big Brother': Andrew Tate Brands His Removal From The House A 'Conspiracy'

He's still not happy about the way his exit has played out.

Ejected ‘Big Brother’ contestant Andrew Tate has continued his tirade against the show, claiming his exit was a “conspiracy”.

Andrew was removed from the house on Monday (13 June), initially claiming this was due to a “masterplan” he’d devised as part of a task, which producers were worried could turn violent.

When Channel 5 denied this, he later claimed it was due to a leaked video of him hitting a girl with a belt, which he has insisted was consensual rather than abusive.

<strong>Andrew Tate</strong>
Andrew Tate
Channel 5

The video in question has now been posted on The Sun’s website, with Andrew claiming the video has been “edited” to make him “look bad, branding the whole thing a “conspiracy”.

He wrote on Twitter: “The Sun released a video of me playing with my ex. She put a pic of us up together showing we’re still friends she’s even holding a belt.

“It’s a felt belt so makes noise but doesn’t hurt.”

Andrew went on to accuse the newspaper of “cutting out the sound” so his ex-girlfriend’s laughs were inaudible in the video.

He continued: “The cut of the end of the video where she gets the belt and hits me back and we’re both laughing [sic].”

While Andrew has already been ejected, many viewers called for producers to do the same with his fellow ‘other’ Ryan Ruckledge, after a transphobic tweet of his to former ‘BB’ winner Luke Anderson was unearthed.

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