12/06/2017 08:48 BST

'Big Brother': Arthur Fulford Has Walked, And His Housemates Aren't Exactly Heartbroken


The ‘Big Brother’ house didn’t exactly seem sorry to see the back of Arthur Fulford, following his departure from the show over the weekend.

On Sunday (11 June), it was confirmed that Arthur had made the decision to leave, and while no details have been released yet about what finally pushed him to walk, it’s fair to say it won’t take his fellow housemates long to get over his absence.

Channel 5
Arthur Fulford in the Diary Room

In a new clip set to air in tonight’s (12 June) show, the group are told: “Housemates, listen carefully. Arthur has left the ‘Big Brother’ house and will not be returning.”

While several members of the group looked shocked at the news, others seemed noticeably more blasé at the revelation, with one unseen contestants even offering to pack his bags.

Channel 5
Tom learns the news
Channel 5
Joe remains stoic upon learning Arthur has gone

During his seven days in the ‘Big Brother’ house, Arthur was involved in several rows, most noticeably with Kayleigh Morris, who he accused of “bullying” him when she and a number of other contestants imitated his accent following the first eviction of the series. 

Channel 5
Kayleigh isn't even pretending to be upset

Following repeated rows with his housemates, he was seen venting in the Diary Room: “Fucking stupid blokes. Fuck them all. Fucking stupid girls really piss me off.

“They can’t see that actually what we have here is a social hierarchy, and when it comes down to it our sole animals... our genes, I like to call them our genes, that I have some extremely high ones.”

See the fallout from Arthur’s departure in tonight’s ‘Big Brother’ highlights show, kicking off at 10pm on Channel 5.

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