15 Nostalgic Realisations Everyone Had While Watching Big Brother Best Shows Ever

Fans rewatched the episode that saw Craig Phillips confronting Nasty Nick during the first series.

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Reality TV fans got a serious hit of nostalgia on Sunday night, as Big Brother staged a return to our screens.

Original host Davina McCall and former Bit On The Side presenter Rylan Clark-Neal teamed up for the first episode of the Best Shows Ever series.

In celebration of Big Brother’s 20th anniversary, they are introducing some of the most iconic episodes in the show’s history.

They kicked things off with the ultimate TV throwback to series one, which took place in the year 2000, and the infamous unmasking of Nasty Nick.

The scenes led to Big Brother trending at number one on Twitter on Sunday night, as fans reminisced leading to plenty of nostalgic realisations...

1. Marcus Bentley’s pared-down narration was one of the first things people noticed

2. The house’s very basic level of interior design was picked apart

3. It drew immediate comparisons

4. This was our particular favourite

5. The budget Diary Room bell was also remarkable for similar reasons

6. It’s broad cast of everyday people was refreshing to people so used to seeing influencers and social media stars on reality shows these days

7. An assault course for the weekly shopping task was so far removed from the tasks of latter years

8. Tom and Craig’s love of short shorts brought back a lot of memories for people

9. The housemates’ approach to confrontation was so measured and considered, and unlike anything we ever saw in subsequent series

10. Hearing Craig tell Nick he’d heard he was “plotting a very dirty plan” was goosebump inducing

11. People couldn’t get over how they were allowed to have books in there

12. Hearing Davina introduce the house action for the first time in 10 years brought on waves of nostalgia

13. While seeing her and Rylan team up with Dermot and Emma made many BB fans’ dreams come true

14. There were many calls for Big Brother to return with a full back-to-basics series

15. Meanwhile, there’s been huge discussion about what moments the show should feature next

Big Brother: Best Shows Ever continues on Monday at 9pm on E4.

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