'Big Brother' 2016: 'Annihilation' Week To End In 'Eviction Massacre'

Yep, there's a brand new twist on the way.

Things are about to get massively shaken up in the ‘Big Brother’ house, with the news that an ‘Eviction Massacre’ is on the horizon.

Listings for the Channel 5 show reveal that big changes are ahead, with the series getting the subtitle ‘Annihilation’ in the week beginning 11 July.

While it’s yet to be revealed exactly what this will entail, the week will end with what has been billed as ‘Big Brother: Eviction Massacre’, which could well be the equivalent to the ‘4 Out, 4 In’ twist that saw the first ever quadruple elimination last year.

<strong> Our exact facial expression when we heard about the new twist</strong>
Our exact facial expression when we heard about the new twist
Channel 5

HuffPost UK contacted ‘Big Brother’ for comment, with a spokesperson telling us simply: “More details will follow in due course.”

Sounds suitably ominous.

<strong>Big changes lie ahead for the 'BB' residents</strong>
Big changes lie ahead for the 'BB' residents
Channel 5

Last series saw the show given the temporary subtitles ‘Cash Bomb’ and ‘Timewarp’, for two different twists that were introduced in the middle of the series.

Before ‘Annihilation’ week, though, there’s the small matter of this week’s eviction, which will see either Andy Hill, Evelyn Ellis, Georgina Cantwell or Jayne Connery booted out of the house, following the latest round of nominations.

So far, this series has already seen one of the most ambitious ‘BB’ twists in the show’s 16-year history, with the introduction of six ‘Others’ who plotted to earn full housemate status in a secret house, unbeknown to the rest of the group.

They were eventually successful in their mission, with four of the six still living in the main house.

The other two, Andrew Tate and Natalie Rowe, have been removed from the house and evicted respectively.

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