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Marco Pierre White Jr Was 'BANNED From Big Brother Final' Over Georgina Leigh Cantwell Threats

His absence didn't go unnoticed by fans of the show.

Marco Pierre White Jr was a noticeable absentee at this year’s ‘Big Brother’ final, with his former housemate Lateysha Grace now spilling the beans on his ban.

The controversial contestant raised eyebrows both during his short spell in the ‘BB’ house earlier this summer, as well as with his behaviour on the outside, which he’s been documenting on social media.

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Marco Pierre White Jr was this year's first 'BB' evictee

However, after overstepping the mark with his comments about ex-housemate Georgina Leigh Cantwell, he found himself uninvited from this year’s wrap party.

Writing in her new Star magazine column, Lateysha explained: “Our ‘Big Brother’ wrap party was one big piss-up… Marco was banned from the bash because of the vile threats he made to Georgina.”

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Lateysha Grace has lifted the lid on this year's 'BB' final

The threats she’s referring to came in the form of a Snapchat rant last month, during which Marco was heard fuming: “Georgina... you fucking disgust me. I fucking hate you. Honestly, you make me sick to my stomach… Do the world a favour and fuck off out of here.”

In response to Marco’s comments, Georgina told The Sun: “I am petrified about the final… I am genuinely worried for my safety to be face to face with him as he’s so volatile.”

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Georgina Cantwell

Also absent from the final were twins Emma and Victoria Jensen - who have been partying with Marco in the weeks since their departure from the show - and Andrew Tate, who was ejected in the first few days, due to a video that surfaced online when he was inside the house.

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