02/06/2016 15:46 BST | Updated 02/06/2016 16:00 BST

'Big Brother': 18 Funniest Moments EVER

Can this year's housemates live up to this lot?

Over the years, ‘Big Brother’ has brought drama to the nation on countless occasions. Whether it’s shocking twists, intriguing romances (though ‘showmances’ is probably more accurate most of the time) or blazing rows, ‘BB’ has gripped viewers all over the country for the past 16 years.

But the reason we keep coming back year after year isn’t for the bitching and backstabbing, or the arguments and altercations - or, at least, it’s not just for that. In fact, it’s for the laughter.

Over the past 16 series, ‘BB’ has given us some of the most laugh-out-loud hilarious moments in reality TV history. Whether it’s mates in the house joking around, producers putting the housemates in some ridiculous situations or a witty one-liner in the Diary Room, certain ‘BB’ moments still have us chuckling even to this day.

We’ve rounded up 18 of our favourite funny moments from the ‘BB’ vaults - click through the gallery below to see if your favourite has made the cut…

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'Big Brother': 18 Funniest Moments Ever
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The new series of ‘Big Brother’ kicks off on Tuesday, 7 June at 9pm on Channel 5.

Emma Willis will once again be back to present, with Rylan Clark-Neal resuming hosting duties on ‘Bit On The Side’ on weeknights, after the main show airs.

For the first time, there will be two houses, with this year’s contestants not realising that just metres away from them are ‘Others’, plotting and scheming to try and get their hands on the £100,000 prize fund.

Chloe Wilburn was named last year’s winner, revealing shortly after the final that she had gone back to her day job in Doncaster.

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