10/06/2017 10:26 BST

'Big Brother': General Election Result Revealed To Housemates, And Viewers Aren't Happy

In fairness, the news didn't exactly send shockwaves among this lot.

‘Big Brother’ fans were left unimpressed during Friday’s (9 June) eviction, when Emma Willis announced the results of the General Election to the housemates.

Viewers have criticised bosses’ decision to let the contestants know the results, which saw Emma telling the group live on air: “While you’ve been locked away safely in the house, you are the only ones who don’t know the result. That is, until now.

“It was not a clear-cut result. Although the Conservatives won the most seats, they do not have a controlling majority. So for now, Theresa May is still the Prime Minister.”

The news that they’d be finding out the results of the election got a mixed reaction from the contestants, with Sukhvinder Javeed letting out an excited gasp and Chanelle McCleary declaring: “I don’t understand politics.”

Channel 5
The housemates gather on the sofas

However, the decision to give the group such an important piece of news didn’t sit well with some viewers, who claimed that it went against the most pivotal rule of ‘Big Brother’ - no contact with the outside world.

Friday’s live show also featured the first eviction of the series, with People’s Housemate Tom Barber having the difficult decision to give either Imran Javeed or Mandy Longworth the boot.

He ultimately chose Mandy, who was less than thrilled with Tom, claiming he was “threatened” by her relationship with daughter Charlotte Keys.

What Tom doesn’t know is that he’s now about to be stripped of his power, which should make for an interesting transition, given he’s spent the past week deciding which of his housemates should be exiled from the rest of the group.

See the fallout from Mandy’s eviction in Saturday’s (10 June) highlights show, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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