'Big Brother' 2016: Jackson Blyton And Georgina Cantwell Kiss In The Bedroom

Jackson and Georgina are back together - and boy, are they happy about it.

It’s been just two short weeks since this year’s ‘Big Brother’ contestants headed into that famous house, and we’re already struggling to keep up with the relationships blossoming under the watchful eye of the Channel 5 cameras.

First there was the passionate antics of Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr (who has since been evicted), and then there was Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge, who got close in the ‘other’ garden.

In tonight’s (20 June) episode it’s Jackson Blyton’s turn for a bit of romance, as he shares a private moment with Georgina Cantwell.

<strong>Jackson Blyton in the 'other' garden</strong>
Jackson Blyton in the 'other' garden
Channel 5

The two have been separated since last weekend, when Jackson and Alex Cannon were demoted from housemate status to simply being ‘others’.

Speaking about Georgina, in the ‘other’ Diary Room, he admitted: “As soon as I caught eyes with her, I was like a child again! I don’t know why!

“Is it Romeo and Juliet when he can’t be with her because they are in different firms? But in the end they just get together! It’s like that.”

We think Jackson might want to revisit Shakespeare before he goes holding up Romeo and Juliet as #goals, but we’ll leave that one for now.

Following Jackson’s admission, the ‘other’ group are allowed to move into the main ‘BB’ compound, meaning Georgina and Jackson have been reunited - and he’s not wasting any time in celebrating that fact.

<strong>Jackson and Georgina in the 'BB' bedroom</strong>
Jackson and Georgina in the 'BB' bedroom
Channel 5

After asking Evelyn Ellis if he can swap with her and share a bed with Georgina for the night, he’s heard whispering to her that he “likes” her as they share a kiss before settling down for the night.

See how it all plays out in Monday night’s ‘BB’, kicking off at 10pm on Channel 5.

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