29/06/2016 11:06 BST

'Big Brother' 2016: Ryan Ruckledge Kicks Off, As Hughie Maughan Gets Naked

Yes, some alcohol may have been involved.

Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan have had their first lovers’ tiff, following - yes, you guessed it! - another boozy night in the ‘Big Brother’ house.

In Tuesday night’s (28 June) episode, Ryan and Hughie were once again seen discussing the nature of their relationship, following some dubious antics under the covers in the ‘BB’ bedroom the night before.

Eventually, Ryan told his fellow contestant that they were not “friends with benefits”, insisting: “No. Boyfriends. We’re going out with each other.”

Channel 5
Ryan and Hughie having a cosy moment

However, he was singing a different tune later that night, when Hughie got a little over-excited in the garden and stripped off.

As Hughie took his pants off in the midst of a boozy night, Ryan flew off the handle, yelling to the rest of the group: “Alright everyone! Stop looking!!”

Taking his new beau inside, Ryan told him straight: “Hughie, don’t. I will fall out with you.

Channel 5
Ryan and Hughie having a less cosy moment

“I’m fuming. I’m fuming. I’m actually being serious, that was a bit disrespectful to me. He got his willy and his fucking bum out… would I go and grind my arse on Jackson? No.”

Channel 5
Ryan tells Hughie that he's hurt his feelings

The story had a happy ending, though, as the two kissed and made up, but not before Ryan got the last word in, joking: “Go and get your dick out to everyone, I’m not arsed, because I won’t be sucking it again.”

Poetry in motion.

Tuesday’s instalment of ‘BB’ also saw the housemates nominate for the third time, with Andy Hill, Evelyn Ellis, Georgina Cantwell and Jayne Connery all battling it out to keep their spot in the house.

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