'Big Brother': Charlie And Jason Reunited As 'Others' Become Housemates

They're back under the same roof... we anticipate drama.

Former couple Jason Burrill and Charlie Doherty are now back under one roof in the ‘Big Brother’ house.

At the beginning of the series, Jason was unaware that his ex-girlfriend, Charlie, was living just next door in the ‘other’ house, making decisions about the main housemates’ fates with her fellow ‘others’.

Following the latest task - which saw the housemates and ‘others’ pitted against each other in a string of challenges - the ‘others’ were informed that they would have control of the nominations this week.

<strong>Charlie learns his ex is in control of nominations</strong>
Charlie learns his ex is in control of nominations
Channel 5

They also learned that the ‘others’ had gained full housemate status, at which point the enthusiastic group made their way into the main house.

In a (slightly awkward, let’s be honest) reunion, Jason told his ex that he’d “just cooked his fucking dinner”, at which point Charlie admitted she’d “missed” him.

She then asked if he’d seen her video message for him, to which he admitted: “I didn’t hear a word of it. You’ll have to tell me what you said. We heard nothing… because everyone was too busy screaming.”

<strong>The pair are reunited</strong>
The pair are reunited
Channel 5

The group were also excited to be reunited with Alex Cannon and Jackson Blyton, who were demoted to ‘others’ earlier in the series.

Meanwhile, the housemates are still reeling from this weekend’s first eviction, which saw Marco Pierre White Jr getting the axe, after a rollercoaster time in the ‘BB’ house.

See all the aftermath of the ‘others’ arriving in the house in Monday’s (20 June) ‘BB’, which kicks off at 10pm on Channel 5.

Watch Jason and Charlie's reunion in full in the video below...

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