'Big Brother' 2016 Line-Up: Meet This Series' Housemates, And The 'Others'

We're in for a dramatic series, folks.

‘Big Brother’ has welcomed a whole new slew of housemates, with Emma Willis introducing 12 fresh new faces during Tuesday night’s (7 June) live launch.

Among the new recruits are the usual weird and wonderful mix of eccentric aspiring models, self-professed lotharios, divisive and confrontational characters and, yes, even a set of twins (what a fresh idea - right, Samanda?).

<strong>Marco Pierre White's son is one of 12 new 'BB' housemates</strong>
Marco Pierre White's son is one of 12 new 'BB' housemates
Danny Martindale via Getty Images

More than ever before, some of this year’s ‘BB’ housemates might also strike you as a little familiar, as several have either made headlines with their controversial behaviour, or with previous appearances on reality TV, with former cast members from ‘The Valleys’, ‘Young, Free And Single’, ‘Geordie Shore’ spin-off ‘Judge Geordie’ and even ‘The X Factor’ making their way into the house.

The main housemates aren’t alone, though, with six so-called ‘others’ also making their way into a separate secret house, just feet away from the main 12 (and, yes, a few of those have already had a spin at the fame wheel once or twice before too).

<strong>'BB' housemate Lateysha Grace</strong>
'BB' housemate Lateysha Grace
Ben A. Pruchnie via Getty Images

Since we’re going to be spending a whole lot of time with this lot as the weeks roll on and we sit glued to our TV sets - it’s fine, we had no intention of going outdoors this summer anyway - we might as well get to know them a little better, right?

Get better acquainted with our housemates, and the six ‘Others’ vying for their spots in the main house, below…

Georgina Leigh Cantwell, 26
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
A self-confessed abuser of the “bank of mum and dad”, Georgina says she’s been living in New York for the past six years, but came back to her home turf because she was “missing playing polo and her horses”.

Admitting she’s worried viewers will find her a “posh twat”, she says her “brutal honesty” is one of her best qualities.
Alex Cannon, 27
Ben A. Pruchnie via Getty Images
Judging from his VT, Liverpool-born model Alex is not afraid about showing off his impressive body, telling Emma Willis that viewers will be “seeing it all” during his time in the house. We’re positively blushing.

Alex says he’s best friends with ‘I’m A Celebrity’ winner Vicky Pattison, and has only been in a relationship with one woman, who’s now dating a “poor man’s version” of him.
Emma and Victoria Jensen, 30
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
They’re twins! They’re identical! They even dress identically! And they’re very, very chatty.

This energetic twosome - who will be acting as one housemate in ‘BB’ - spoke enthusiastically about animals, nature, potential alien life and, of course, each other in their opening VT, so we can no doubt expect them to provide a few cheerful moments amid the inevitable rows.
Evelyn Ellis, 20
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
One of this year’s international arrivals, Evelyn hails from Sydney, Australia originally, and now lives in London.

She admits she’s been a trouble-maker since the age of three, adding she suffers from “chronic bitch face”, which we’re sure the public are just going to love. She’s also the youngest of this year’s group.
Chelsea Singh, 48
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
Despite the crowd’s cries to the contrary, Chelsea has said he has every chance of winning ‘Big Brother’. The lavish entrepreneur says he doesn’t need the prize money and is only appearing for the “experience” having already ticked everything else off his to-do list.

He told viewers the thing he’ll miss most about the outside world is his Bentley, but did take a moment to remember his “family and children” too. Nice.
Andy West, 34
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
Former BBC reporter Andy says he’s heading into the house to show a more fun side to journalists, though he told Emma Willis we shouldn’t expect any “naughty” headlines, as he has a boyfriend.

Andy was famously axed from his job last year, when he spoke out over the BBC’s decision to give Tyson Fury a nomination for Sports Personality Of The Year.
Jackson Blyton, 24
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
Former model Jackson’s motto is “fuck it”, he claims, also describing himself as the “anti-man”, compared to some of the other male housemates to appear on ‘BB’ in recent times.

He also says he respects women, and therefore puts “pussy on a pedestal”. We’re not sure that’s quite how “respecting women” works, Jackson.
Jason Burrill, 45
Ben A. Pruchnie via Getty Images
You may recognise Jason from the big screen… from behind at least. He’s acted as a stand-in for stars of ‘Spectre’ and ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, confessing his face rarely makes the final cut.

Despite describing himself as having the voice of “Danny Dyer crossed with Frank Bruno”, Jason insists he’s a big softie, who is besotted with his little dog.
Andrew Tate, 29 (OTHER)
Channel 5
USA-born Andrew says he’ll pass the time in the house by winding up his housemates with his opinions, confessing he thinks it’s a man’s prerogative to sleep with as many women as he wants, but the same does not apply to them.

Andrew is a member of Mensa, as well as a kickboxing champion.
Hughie Maughan, 21 (OTHER)
Channel 5
Hughie works with young people in Dublin, and hails from a travelling background, insisting he’s the “complete opposite” of a stereotypical traveller.
Charlie Doherty, 31 (OTHER)
Channel 5
Charlie is a dancer and stripper, who was already chatting about her love of Botox after just an hour in the ‘Others’ house.

She’s also in for a shock later down the line, as she was previously in a relationship with Jason.
Laura Carter, 30
Ben A. Pruchnie via Getty Images
Identifying herself as a “housewife-turned-international-baller”, she says she lives a “celebrity lifestyle...without being a celebrity”.

Laura is one of several models appearing on this year’s series, and claims she knows no matter where she is, she knows she could bag any man she sets her sights on.
Jayne Connery, 49 (OTHER)
Channel 5
One of two journalists inside the ‘BB’ house this year, she claims to have interviewed a string of celebrities in her time (and had a frisson with one or two).

Among the oldest of this year’s group, she says: “I’ve got life experience and you can’t beat that.”
Ryan Ruckledge, 24 (OTHER)
Channel 5
Ryan says of himself: “I am gobby, I just love attention, and drama tends to follow me, I’m painful.”
A shrinking wallflower, clearly.
Natalie Rowe, 53 (OTHER)
Channel 5
Natalie is a former dominatrix and sex worker, who describes herself as a “ticking time-bomb” whose former clients include “high-flying Tory politicians, City bankers, judges and A-listers”.

She ran the escort agency Black Beauties, and insists that any contestant who thinks she will take on a maternal role as the oldest housemate should think again.
Sam Giffen, 23
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
Sam says he has the “best hair in his area”, and wants to appear on ‘BB’ to challenge people’s opinions about gay people.

Like basically everyone else in the house, Sam has previously worked as a model, and describes himself as “brutally honest”, which should make for interesting viewing when ‘BB’ starts pitting the housemates against one another.
Marco Pierre White, 21
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
So, as his name suggests, Marco is the son of the famous celebrity chef, but says he won’t be cooking for the housemates, safe for a “couple of chicks” (which we’re sure his fiancée will just love).

Despite his famous family, Marco refused to discuss his upbringing in his opening VT, instead preferring to focus on his wild social life, which he says revolves around partying and drinking.
Lateysha Grace, 21
Danny Martindale via Getty Images
It took Lateysha mere seconds before telling viewers about the sheep she’d had tattooed on her private parts (“can I say fanny?”), as a tribute to her motherland of Wales.

Lateysha recently became a mother to seven-month-old Wynter, for whom she has already opened her own Instagram account.

‘BB’ continues every night on Channel 5.

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