'Big Brother': Marco Pierre White Jr's Fiancée Blasts 'Open Relationship' Claims

He hasn't exactly been the most loyal fiancé during the past week.

Marco Pierre White Jr’s fiancée has spoken out about his latest antics in the ‘Big Brother’ house.

Over the weekend, Marco raised eyebrows among viewers when he said he had an “open relationship” with fiancée Kim Melville-Smith, and later scenes showed him getting hot and heavy with fellow housemate Laura Carter.

Kim has now spoken out, admitting that while she did give Marco a “hall pass” during his time in the ‘BB’ residence, they haven’t reached “open relationship” status quite yet.

Marco Pierre White and Laura Carter in the 'BB' house
Marco Pierre White and Laura Carter in the 'BB' house
Channel 5

Writing on Twitter, she insisted: “FYI I said #hallpass NOT open relationship. I don’t watch ‘BB’, but I heard this today.”

She continued: “Worst thing [is] I can’t even talk to him.”

In Sunday night’s (13 June) edition of ‘BB’, Marco was involved in some of the most explicit scenes ever shown on the reality series, including a moment where he was choked and whipped on his own belt, before putting another contestant’s breast in his mouth.

Following this, he disappeared under the duvet with Laura, and while it’s not clear exactly what went on under the covers, she did look rather pleased with herself.

When the scenes aired, Kim found she was suddenly inundated with Twitter mentions, asking her followers: “What has happened? I’m out and have no idea…”

Marco and Laura’s relationship has grown at warp speed in the six days since this year’s ‘BB’ launch, though it was recently suggested that they might have known each other before the show, after a photo on his Instagram page showed them together weeks before the series began.

‘BB’ airs every night on Channel 5.

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