'Big Brother': Marco Pierre White Jr Appears To DUMP His Fiancée

He's had a busy week.

‘Big Brother’ housemate Marco Pierre White Jr seems to have ended things with his fiancée from inside the house, just one week after joining the show.

After getting up close and personal with Laura Carter earlier in the series, Marco admitted in Tuesday night’s (14 June) episode of ‘BB’ that he felt trapped by his relationship in the outside world.

He was heard telling Emma Jensen that his relationship “in the outside world” was beginning to wear him down, adding: “I just want to be free. I just want to be a bird.”

Marco and Emma have an uncomfortable conversation in the bedroom
Marco and Emma have an uncomfortable conversation in the bedroom
Channel 5

As she tried to offer advice, Marco turned his attention to Emma’s smile, repeatedly telling her she thought she was “super cute”, which she handled... as well as she could.

Marco’s fiancée, Kim Melville-Smith - who, it was revealed in Tuesday’s show, he’s only been dating for around two months - is yet to address his latest outburst, though she has been suitably unimpressed with his behaviour in the show so far.

I was sent this by my sister... #bbuk #bbmarco 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/BIwSR8x91Q

— Kim Melville-Smith (@KJmelvillesmith) June 13, 2016

Nothing like being with good friends and having a fashion show to go to, to take your mind off things. @gavinodivino @alexjames2nd thank you

— Kim Melville-Smith (@KJmelvillesmith) June 13, 2016

This follows January’s series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, when Stephanie Davis famously dumped boyfriend Sam Reece while still in the house, only to begin dating fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell.

During his eight days in the ‘BB’ house, Marco has made headlines over his raunchy behaviour, most notably over the weekend, when he took fellow housemate Laura Carter into the pod and invited her to choke him with his belt.

Later in the same episode, Marco and Laura engaged in some *ahem* intimate behaviour in the garden and the shower, before jumping into bed together, as the rest of their housemates tried to sleep around them.

However, while Marco may be finished with his relationship, Laura threw the brakes on their fling in the same episode, admitting she “regretted” their earlier dalliances.

‘BB’ continues at 9pm on Wednesday night (15 June) on Channel 5.

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