13/06/2017 08:34 BST

'Big Brother' Nominations: Raph, Sukhvinder And Rebecca Among Six Potential Evictees

As ever, *you* decide who goes.

Six ‘Big Brother’ housemates are facing eviction this week, following the first round of nominations of the new series.

In Monday’s (12 June) highlights show, viewers saw Joe Quaranto put Raphael Korine up for the public vote, after being tasked with a killer nomination as part of a task.

He claimed that Raph was “too intelligent” for him, and wasn’t “mucking in” with certain aspects of life in the house, to the visible disappointment of the ‘BB’ superfan, who later confessed he’d only felt “safe” for two days since entering the house due to various eviction twists.

Channel 5
Raph was upset to have been picked for eviction

It was later confirmed on spin-off show ‘Bit On The Side’ that five more housemates were also up for eviction, with Charlotte Keys, Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed, Kayleigh Morris and Rebecca Jane all potentially leaving the house this week.

It’s been a particularly tough few days for Charlotte, as well as being nominated by the rest of her housemates, she also had to say goodbye to her mum, Mandy Longhorn, after she was the first contestant eliminated from the show last week.

Channel 5
The housemates have nominated for the first time

Mandy was picked for the chop not by ‘BB’ viewers but by the People’s Housemate, Tom Barber, a decision which she did not hesitate in criticising during her exit interview.

Since then, there’s also been another loss to the house, with Arthur Fulford choosing to leave via the back door.

See all the fallout from this week’s nominations - and find out who voted for whom - in tonight’s (13 June) ‘BB’ highlights show, kicking off at 10pm on Channel 5.

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