22/08/2016 15:56 BST

'Big Brother': Ofcom Reach Decision Over Marco Pierre White And Laura Carter 'Choking' Scenes

'Both housemates consented to the activity which was portrayed in a limited way.'

Ofcom have made their decision over a scene in this year’s ‘Big Brother’, which saw Laura Carter choking Marco Pierre White Jr with his belt during a private moment in the house.

Laura and Marco then headed into the ‘BB’ bedroom, where they had sex while the rest of their housemates slept.

The episode in question drew in over 600 complaints to the media watchdog, who said at the time that they would be reviewing them and considering launching an investigation.

Channel 5
Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr

Perhaps surprisingly, Ofcom have now announced that they won’t be taking the matter any further.

Explaining their decision, a spokesperson has said in a statement: “We investigated a number of complaints about sexual activity between two housemates, which included them engaging in potentially dangerous behaviour.  

“This was because both housemates consented to the activity which was portrayed in a limited way not likely to be emulated by viewers, and there were very clear warnings.”

Channel 5
Things took a steamy turn

The episode was pre-faced with a message advising “abusive and HIGHLY offensive language”, “explosive aggressive confrontations” and “extremely risky sexual activity” were all ahead.

While Marco was evicted from the house just days after the incident, Laura stayed in the series far longer.

After her eviction in the weeks that followed, Laura lamented that the fact that she’d come under far more scrutiny than Marco for her involvement in the incident.

She said: “It’s always the woman who gets it. I really do think that’s really wrong.

“I’m the one it’s going to stay with now. I’m the one who’s got to explain it. I think that things like this have to happen for the issues to be raised, and I’ll be very, very happy to talk about it.”

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