08/06/2017 16:30 BST

'Big Brother': Sukhvinder And Rebecca Clash Over 'Discrimination', 'Racism' And Make-Up

'Maybe you’ve never suffered racism.'

Rebecca Jane and Sukhvinder Javeed have had a falling out in the ‘Big Brother’ house, following on from a discussion about make-up in the work place.

Earlier in the week, Rebecca’s views about make-up were made clear as part of a task, after it was revealed she’d said she wouldn’t want to employ a woman who didn’t wear make-up.

Clearly, the matter had been playing on Sukhvinder’s mind, as the following morning, she called Rebecca out for what she felt was “discrimination”.

Channel 5
Sukhvinder voices her concerns with Rebecca's attitude

Sukhvinder told the detective agency owner: “[I meet with] investors, and I don’t put make-up on, and if they didn’t take me seriously… I think for me personally, that’s sending the wrong message out to girls, because they’ve got so much pressure. And if they don’t feel good in their own skin, make-up isn’t going to help. It’s just a mask.”

When Rebecca suggested that she disagreed as make-up can help me a “confidence booster for a lot of people”, Sukhvinder responded: “If one of your employees went to a meeting there, and they didn’t have any make-up on, then that for you would be a let-down for your business. You feel that they’d be letting your brand or your reputation down. But that’s discrimination. You’re discriminating against girls.”

When another member of the group asked for the meaning of “discrimination”, Rebecca contested Sukhvinder’s accusation, claiming it as “basically like racism”, which didn’t go down well.

Sukhvider insisted: “It is not like fucking racism… get a grip. Discrimination and racism, the same fucking thing? Are you fucking serious?”

Channel 5
Sukhvinder did not take kindly to 'discrimination' being compared to 'racism'

Rebecca then suggested the two ideas were along “the same lines”, to which Sukhinder told her: “Maybe you’ve never suffered racism. Maybe you’ve never suffered racism.”

Rebecca’s response to this was to roll her eyes and declare: “Here we go”, later saying in the Diary Room she felt Sukhvinder was going to be “a pretty big problem for the house”.

Channel 5
Rebecca rolls her eyes as race is mentioned

Later in the day, Sukhvinder also clashed with Kayleigh Morris, in a row that began when she brushed her hair in the kitchen while she was “trying to enjoy some bran flakes”.

See how these scenes play out in tonight’s (8 June) ‘Big Brother’, kicking off at 10pm on Channel 5.

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