'Celebrity Big Brother' New Series Teased With Reveal Of Eye Logo And 'Eye Of The Storm' Theme

The civilian run was pushed back to avoid clashing with 'Love Island'.

‘Big Brother’ bosses have announced the first details about this year’s summer series with the reveal of the new eye logo.

The next run of the Channel 5 show will kick off with a ‘Celebrity’ version in August, after the civilian edition was pushed back to avoid a clash with rival ‘Love Island’.

The summer series of ‘CBB’ will have an ‘Eye Of The Storm’ theme and this year’s all-new eye logo reflects this:

The new 'Celebrity Big Brother' eye
The new 'Celebrity Big Brother' eye
Channel 5

It has taken on a neon design featuring lightning bolts set against dark clouds, hinting there could be fireworks ahead.

The civilian edition of ‘Big Brother’ will launch after the celebrities have vacated the famous Elstree bungalow and run through the autumn.

It will be only the second time the regular version of the show has aired at this time of year - the last time was when it moved to Channel 5 in 2011.

Despite tabloid reports claiming otherwise, it has also been announced ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ will return, once again with Rylan Clark-Neal as host.

Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis will return as hosts
Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis will return as hosts
Channel 5

It had been rumoured the spin-off show would be axed in favour of ‘Big Brother’s Little Brother’, which aired during the Channel 4 years.

It remains unclear where this will be the last series of both ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, as the show’s current deal with Channel 5 expires this year.

The station’s boss, Ben Frow, has already said it “will not return in its current form”, even admitting last year he would be “happier” if it were axed, saying he doesn’t want “other people’s programmes” on his network.

However, it was recently revealed the production company who make ‘Big Brother’ have submitted a planning application to keep the house at the Elstree Studios for another three years.

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