Book Shop Praised For Unusual Breastfeeding Sign

"I thought a quick doodle was in order."

A book shop in Coventry has been praised for its invitation for women to breastfeed ‘ostentatiously’ in the store.

The Big Comfy Bookshop put a handwritten sign in their window inviting mothers to breastfeed inside, but only if it is done “ostentatiously”.

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Shop owner Michael McEntee, told HuffPost UK that the sign was put up in response to Nigel Farage’s comments about breastfeeding.

In 2014 the former UKIP leader shared his feelings on women breastfeeding in public: “This is just a matter of common sense, isn’t it? I think that, given that some people feel very embarrassed by it, it isn’t too difficult to breastfeed a baby in a way that’s not openly ostentatious.”

Farage faced a backlash for his comments, with people on Twitter asking what ‘ostentatious’ breastfeeding would look like.

McEntee explained: “It was in reply to the ridiculous comments Farage made about breastfeeding and how a woman was breastfeeding ostentatiously in a restaurant once. It’s so ludicrous I thought a quick doodle was in order.”

The shop has a “fair few” mums who regularly breastfeeding in the shop and the owners want to make the space as comfortable and relaxed as possible to make them feel at home.

McEntee said that since the sign was put on display they have had lots of people taking photos and putting them on Twitter and Instagram, all with a positive reaction.

“I did it as a tongue-in-cheek thing, and to let woman know it’s fine, as it should be anywhere. All cafes and restaurants should have a sign”.