Sasquatch's Favorite Foods Revealed By 'Finding Bigfoot' Star Bobo Fay (VIDEO)

What Foods Are Irresistible To Bigfoot?

The way to a Bigfoot's heart may be through its stomach, according to one of the stars of the Animal Planet series "Finding Bigfoot."

Cast member James "Bobo" Fay has been searching for Sasquatch since the early 1980s. He hasn't trapped the hairy creature, but believes certain food items might provide the recipe for success.

The key: sweets and meats, especially bacon.

"Since the early 1900s, there's been reports from people saying, 'I was cooking bacon, and the [Bigfoot] came in and licked the pan clean when I set it down later,'" he said in a video produced in advance of the show's Nov. 10 season premiere.

The creatures usually settle on raw meat like deer or fruits and berries, but definitely have a craving for a good home cooked meal.

"They love cooked food," he said, adding that researchers have success attracting the creatures when cooking out in the wild. "It puts the smell in the air."

Bacon is big with Bigfoots, as well as chicken wings. On a hunt with HuffPost Weird News Editor Andy Campbell, the Finding Bigfoot team laid out a giant serving tray full of hot wings. They didn't work, but blueberries and apples do, apparently.

"They like the fact that deer are attracted to the apples," he said.

Fay has been known to put out doughnuts when on a hunt, and says he is known for his key insight on Bigfoot cuisine.

"Any scientific expert will tell you me and the 'Squatch like the same things," he said. "Well, four out of five scientists say that."

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