Birds Eye Put Olives And Jalapeños In A Fish Finger Sandwich And The Internet Can't Handle It

U k hun? 😂

When it comes to making a fish finger sandwich, less really is more - a bit of bread, some butter, a hearty dollop of mayo or tartar sauce and you’re good to go.

Sadly, Birds Eye didn’t quite get the memo.

The frozen food manufacturer recently promoted a fish finger sandwich on social media which appeared to contain tomatoes, salad leaves, jalapeño peppers and (drum roll, please)... olives.

Of course, the internet found it hilarious.

Journalist Harry Harris called the brand out saying: “Nobody who works at Birds Eye has ever, *ever* made a fish finger sandwich.

“Olives? Jalapeños? What a fucking apocalypse of a sandwich.”

At this point, Twitter erupted into hysterics.

On top of the unusual combination of ingredients, one Twitter user noted that the fish fingers didn’t even look like they were cooked properly.

Musician Rag’n’Bone Man also felt compelled to add his two cents to the mix.

In response to the furore, a Birds Eye spokesperson told the Mail Online: “Fish finger sandwiches and what makes the perfect sarnie has always been the subject of debate.

“We don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to enjoy a fish finger sandwich, so whether it’s with ketchup or mayonnaise - or even olives - we encourage everyone to get creative in the kitchen.”