'Springwatch' Has Us All Giggling With Very Immature (But Very Funny) Innuendo

We're not sure that's quite what we meant...

In a move that we don’t think anyone saw coming, ‘Springwatch’ has turned into a veritable feast of sexual innuendos.

Yes, that TV show supposedly centred around baby lambs and flowers and birds and all that palaver has descended into a certified smut-fest.

First, there was the presenters’ discussion about seeing some “cock in the flesh”. Then we had Michaela Strachan giving “her own badger a scratch”. And now the team are quizzing each other about the deepest shag they’ve encountered.

Iolo Williams on 'Springwatch'
Iolo Williams on 'Springwatch'

We thought our ears were deceiving us the first time we watched the clip, but it turns out that Iolo Williams was actually asking Liz Morgan about the unfortunately-named bird, and how deep they can dive.

During a segment, he turned to her and asked: “Is that the deepest shag you’ve ever heard?”

And while - because we have the maturity levels of a primary school student - that question alone would have had us giggling, Liz calmly responded: “Yes. The previous one was 41 metres.”

We’re pleased to note that we’re not the only ones who found the entire thing laugh-out-loud hilarious:

‘Springwatch’ isn’t the only supposedly family-friendly show that has had us giggling at a rude moment or two, though.

We can barely go a week without something making us blush on ‘Countdown’, whether it’s Rachel Riley inadvertently spelling out an obscenity on the letters board or Nick Hewer remarking that his co-host was “gagging for a hard one”.

And that’s without even getting into what happens almost every single day on ‘This Morning’...

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