08/05/2017 15:54 BST

Birmingham Police Seize Driving Instructor's Car In The Middle Of Learner's Exam

As if driving tests aren't nerve-wracking enough already.

An unlucky learner driver was left shocked after Birmingham police seized her instructor’s uninsured car in the middle of her driving test

The student - who has not been identified - and her examiner had to be driven back to the exam centre by police on Saturday after officers realised the car had no insurance or MOT. 

According to the West Midland’s road policing unit, the woman had been on course to pass the test and had not clocked up a single minor.  

CMPG Road Policing
Police seized a driving instructor's car in the middle of an unsuspecting learner's driving test 

However, the examiner was unable to give the learner her licence because she hadn’t completed the minimum time for the exam. 

Police said they are now in possession of her driving instructor’s badge. 

After officers tweeted about the incident, many called on the DSA to offer the woman her second test for free as a “bit of goodwill”.  

Others joked that police should have lent her their patrol car to finish the exam.