Black Holes Might Actually Have An Exit On The Other Side

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Black holes could actually have a back door which would hypothetically allow matter to pass through and leave on the other side.

A new study has revealed that matter might actually be able to survive passing through a black hole rather than being completely obliterated.

The research, which was published in the Classical and Quantum Gravity journal, proposed considering the blackhole singularity as if it were an imperfection in the geometric structure of space-time.

With this understanding the centre point of a blackhole becomes a very small spherical surface, interpreted by the team as the existence of a wormhole within the black hole.

Doctor Rubiera-Garcia explains that wormholes exist in electrically charged, rotationless black holes through which space and time can continue.

The more charged the black hole, the bigger the wormhole.

In light of this, he speculates that if a “hypothetical time traveller” were to enter this wormhole they would be stretched to the extreme and then compacted back to normal size upon exit.

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Of course the problem with black holes is that the rules of physics as we understand them don’t apply in their deepest regions and large quantities of matter and energy concentrate in an infinitely small space.

Meaning scientists require new geometric elements to describe what is going on inside them.

Rubiera-Garcia said: “Black holes are a theoretical laboratory for trying out new ideas about gravity.”

For the time being, we might just stay on earth.

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