03/03/2017 16:05 GMT | Updated 03/03/2017 16:08 GMT

‘Blind Date’ Revival Will Feature LGBT+ Contestants For The First Time

And about time, too.

The upcoming ‘Blind Date’ revival will feature LGBT+ contestants, it has been revealed.

Channel 5 is currently in the process of finding a new host, and participants, for a new series of the show, which has now been away from our screens for 14 years.

The show previously paired up heterosexual couples 

Now, Buzzfeed News has revealed that the reboot will “absolutely” feature LGBT contestants, and a producer for the has explained that the website that the casting team are “in need of people from all sorts of different backgrounds”.

They added: “‘Blind Date’ is for everyone.”

LGBT+ charity Stonewall has praised the decision, with a spokesperson telling Buzzfeed: “Since the show’s end in 2003, representation of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people has come a long way, and we hope to see Blind Date’s move inspire shows of a similar format to extend their remits to include LGBT people too.

“Not only will this send a strong message that LGBT people and their relationships are valid, but it can also enable viewers to learn more about LGBT people and their relationships.”

Obviously, the show also needs a presenter, and finding someone who can live up to the late Cilla Black won’t be easy.

Sadly, fan favourite Holly Willoughby has ruled herself out, explaining that her ITV contract is an exclusive deal.

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