'Blue Planet II': 10 Astounding Moments That Took Our Breath Away

We look back at a truly remarkable series.

For the last six weeks, over 12 million of us have been settling down to watch ‘Blue Planet II’ of a Sunday evening, making it the most watched TV show of the year.

But now the series has come to an end, we’re filling that whale-sized whole in your lives with a look back on some of the David Attenborough documentary’s most breath-taking (and sometimes upsetting) moments...

1. When this octopus totally outsmarted a pyjama shark 👏

2. When this trevally fish proved jumped out of the water to hunt a flying bird😲

3. When we were on the edge of our seats willing this crab to escape the clutches of eels and octopuses 😰

4. When these sea otters were just too cute for words 😍

5. When this pilot whale was unable to cope with her grief and carried her dead calf 😭

6. When this female Asian Sheepshead Wrasse fish changed gender to ward off male love interests

7. When David Attenborough set this little leatherback turtle free 👋

8. When the Barreleye fish became our new fancy dress inspiration

9. When an army of spider crabs gathered to shed their shells and it looked like something straight out of Star Wars 😱

10. When we discovered there is a toxic lake at the bottom of the ocean 🤔


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