20/11/2017 12:54 GMT

Blue Planet II’s Dead Baby Whale Scene Has (Predictably) Left Everyone Feeling A Little Broken

This was a lot to take in on a Sunday night 💔

Sunday (19 November) night’s ‘Blue Planet II’ shone a light on the effect plastics are having on the oceans.

And while the whole episode presented viewers with jaw-dropping statistics and facts, there was scene in particular that pulled at the heartstrings.

As Sir David Attenborough explained that plastic dumped in the sea breaks down and becomes toxic, a whale pulling her dead newborn, and refusing to leave it behind, was shown.

“The calf may have been poisoned by the mother’s own contaminated milk,” Attenborough explained.

Unsurprisingly, viewers in living rooms up and down the UK were left completely distraught:

Following the episode, BBC Earth shared advice for anyone who wants to do their bit for the environment, encouraging viewers to clean nearby beaches and try to eat only fish that have been caught sustainably.

There are three more episodes of ‘Blue Planet II’ to come and the next installment will focus on the green seas and the forests and meadows within them (!).