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Bob Geldof’s Sweary Rant At Brentwood Festival Sees ‘Primark Wearing’ Fans Walk Out

'When you come to a rock and roll festival you dress for a rock and roll festival.'

Bob Geldof might be edging towards official pension age but that punk spirit is still very much alive and kicking in the Boomtown Rats’ frontman.

That’s something festival goers got to see for themselves at this year’s Brentwood Festival last weekend, when the 64-year-old went on a sweary rant at the crowd - and at one point accused them of wearing Primark clothes.

That didn’t go down too well with some of the music fans present at the event in Essex, who began booing the singer before walking out of the Boomtown Rats’ headline performance.

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Bob Geldof

Things didn’t get off to the best of starts when Sir Bob began shouting and swearing as soon as he took to the stage, stopping after just one song to bemoan the family event for being “boring and tame”.

He told fans: “We don’t do Abba. We don’t do Robbie f****** Williams. Brentwood, we are the Boomtown Rats.

“We are mega. And you are Brentwood. How do we know that you are Brentwood and we are mega?

“Because I am wearing a f*** off pretend snakeskin suit and [they] are wearing f*** off cowboy shirts even though they live in London.”

The Band Aid and Live Aid founder then got personal with the crowd, accusing them of not being “rock and roll” enough.

He continued: “On the other hand Brentwood, you are wearing wall to wall f*****g Primark.

“This is a rock and roll festival. When you come to a rock and roll festival you dress for a rock and roll festival.”

Unimpressed fans quickly took to Twitter to make their feelings known...

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