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The Only Way Is Essex's Bobby Norris On Why He's Ditched The Skimpy Marbella Swimwear

'This is Butch Bobby now.'

‘The Only Way Is Essex’ cast member Bobby Norris has revealed why he’s now hung up his sidesaddle mankini for the final time.

Back in 2014, Bobby literally made headlines the world over when he was snapped on holiday in Marbella sporting, well… do you know what? We’ll just show you.

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Ah, memories

Since then, he hit the beach in a variety of other eye-catching beachwear, including a silver pouch and even a mermaid’s tail, though he’s insisted that turning 30 has had a strong effect on his wardrobe.

Ahead of a new ‘The Only Way Is Marbs’ special, Bobby told AOL Build that he would “absolutely not” be seen in a similar ensemble this time around, adding: “I’ve turned 30 and I’ve turned a corner. This is, kind of, Butch Bobby now.

“It’s kind of had its day, it’s done. I’m all up for a laugh and a joke… but I brought the bling with my accessories this time.”

A more-covered Bobby Norris in Marbella

The “accessories” in question would be his bedazzled crutches, which he’s currently using after tearing ligaments shortly before he and the ‘TOWIE’ cast headed to Marbella.

He explained: “I had a little bit of a mare. I was sprinting… in the dark, and I think I got my foot caught under, like, a tree root or over a log or something. And I ended up ripping all my ligaments and breaking my finger.”

Describing how he still managed to “make the most of a bad situation”, he revealed: “We had a blinged-up wheelchair out in Marbs, and we’ve blinged up the crutches now we’re back in Essex.”

‘The Only Way Is Marbs’ airs on Sunday (9 October) at 10pm on ITVBe.

Watch more from the cast’s AOL Build interview below:

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