23/09/2018 22:18 BST | Updated 24/09/2018 14:05 BST

'Bodyguard' Ending Answers Julia Montague Conspiracy Theory

Major spoilers ahead.

It is the question that has gripped the nation for the last two weeks - is Julia Montague really dead?

‘Bodyguard’ fans have argued about nothing else following her untimely ‘death’ in episode four, with writer Jed Mercurio and actor Keeley Hawes also doing nothing to stop the conspiracists in interviews and on social media. 

However, Sunday night’s staggering finale finally gave viewers their answer. 

It’s at this point we will issue you with your last spoiler warning, so if you don’t what to know what happened in the last episode, buh-bye. 

Keeley Hawes played Julia Montague

OK? Then here we go...

Home Secretary Julia Montague is... DEAD. 

We learnt that Luke Aitkens was behind her murder, as he was the one who planted the bomb that went off at St Matthew’s College. 

He confessed his crimes to an angered David Budd, cruelly stating it was “nothing personal, just business”, given her plans to pass RIPA through parliament, which would have greatly impacted his organised crime ring. 

It was also revealed he had carried out Julia’s assassination with the help of David’s boss, Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock, who had leaked details of her itinerary in exchange for payment. She had also done this on the day of the sniper attack, with Luke recruiting Andy Apsted as the shooter. 

Lorainne Craddock was revealed as the police insider

And in another shock twist, it was revealed Luke had bought the bomb used to kill Julia (and also the one David was strapped to after he was kidnapped) from 1 October attacker, Nadia. 

She was unmasked as the bomb maker in chilling scenes, which saw her admit she had been conspiring with Luke for money so she could build more devices, buy more guns and - in her words - “spread the words to her brothers and sisters, convincing the world that they had put a knife through the heart of the British government”. 

Jihadist Nadia was unmasked as the bomb maker

Given we never saw Julia’s dead body, grave, or even grieving family members, there will undoubtedly still be some fans out there who believe she could return for a possible second series.  

However, we reckon if Jed was to bring her back from the dead, the moment was definitely during the final episode. Sorry folks. 

But with David escaping unscathed and riding off into the sunset with his ex-wife Vicky (just who was her boyfriend??) at the end, viewers’ hopes of another season now look increasingly likely. 

Bring it on. 

‘Bodyguard’ is available in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.