Boston Dynamics Unveils SpotMini, A 'Puppy' Robot That'll Even Do The Housework

Meet SpotMini, the robot dog that can load your dishwasher.

Alphabet might have put Boston Dynamics up for sale but that hasn't stopped the robotics company from coming up with some new creations.

This is SpotMini, and this tiny robot dog appears to be Boston Dynamics' attempt at creating a four-legged robot butler.

Boston Dynamics

Arguably best known for their two-legged humanoid robot Atlas, the company has also made a range of four-legged 'mules' which were originally designed for military contracts.

After they were panned for being too noisy though it looks like Boston Dynamics are moving into a totally different realm of robotics: domestic bliss.

Weighing just 55lbs, SpotMini is an all-electric robot which means he's ultra-quiet. He's got a battery that'll let him potter around the house and garden for around 90 minutes as well.

Boston Dynamics

Using a range of depth cameras and solid state gyros SpotMini is able to tackle almost all surfaces, except banana skins apparently...

Watching a highly advanced robot slip on fruit peel is just one of the weird scenarios Boston Dynamics' shows off in the video.

Apparently SpotMini's also really handy at loading the dishwasher thanks to its extendable head which inexplicably looks like a dinosaur.

Boston Dynamics

We're not entirely sure what Boston Dynamics plans to do with their strange-looking dog/dinosaur hybrid but considering how expensive robots currently are it's unlikely they'll be loading anyone else's dishwasher any time soon.


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