Teenage Boy Teaches Us All A Lesson About What It's Really Like To Be Autistic In A Classroom

'I wish that my teacher knew that I need help on a lot of things.'

A boy with autism and ADHD has written a heartbreaking letter to his teacher explaining what he wishes she knew about his behaviour and condition.

Austin Saunders was given a writing prompt in class and used the opportunity to share his side of the story.

The Year 9 student wrote: “I wish that they knew that I am autistic. I wish that my teacher knew that I need help on a lot of things like my handwriting. I wish that my teacher know that I have a depressed life sometimes.

“I wish my teacher knew that I am not being defiant I am overwhelmed shutting down. I wish that my teacher knew that I am very good at bottling up anger and having outbursts.”

Luckily for Austin, his teacher was completely supportive of him sharing his feelings, writing on the page: “You are doing great so far. Glad you’re in my class!”

Mum Amy Preslar Saunders, who shared the photo on Facebook, explained: “It broke our hearts to read this and to hear from him about how he struggles on a daily basis.

“But we love what his teacher wrote to him and she has been great for Austin. We hope this encourages other parents, teachers and kids to keep fighting!”

Other parents commenting on the post, which has been liked over 11k times, shared similar situations with their own children.

Danielle Ingraham MacDonald said: “Our son would have written the same things. How proud you must be that he could articulate those feelings. A great teacher makes a world of difference and I’m so glad your son has one.”